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In criminal cases, wins for the defense come in a variety of forms. Many cases end before going to trial, with successful plea deals for our clients. We might be able to bar a piece of evidence the prosecution planned to use at trial, forcing them to accept a deal. Or, we might find a new piece of evidence that shatters the prosecution’s story, leading them to drop the case against our client. Other times, we get lucky, and something goes wrong for the prosecution at or before trial.
However, the greatest test of a criminal defense attorney’s skill is their ability to defend their client in court. At Nold & Walsh, LLC, we have over three decades of experience defending our clients’ rights before judges and juries of their peers. Read on to learn more about how we successfully defend cases at trial and to hear from some of our clients in their own words.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is a broad category that encompasses many different charges. As such, there are many ways to defend clients charged with criminal activity. However, some key elements are essential in most cases.
Gathering evidence, such as video footage of the alleged crime, can show the jury that the prosecutor’s version of events doesn’t align with what they can see with their own eyes. If we can create reasonable doubt by pointing out inconsistencies, that can help us secure a victory for our client.
Witness testimony is also often an important part of criminal cases. We strive to find reliable witnesses to testify on behalf of our clients. At the same time, our team is well positioned to cast doubt on the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses during cross-examination due to our in-depth research into every case.

“Mr Nold was hired by us to defend our daughter, who was involved in a fight at school due to bullying. He was thorough and passionate about the case. We could tell right away that he did his research and interviewed witnesses for the case. This was very obvious during the trial. He was able to present evidence before the judge that proved our daughter was bullied. Mr. Nold left a positive impression on us.” – Anonymous

People v. EX


EX was leaving her ex-boyfriends house. Unbeknownst to her, her ex-boyfriend called the cops and said she had drugs in her trunk. The cops waited outside for her to leave and when she finally did, they pulled her over and said it was for an obstructed windshield. They subsequently searched her trunk and charged her with Possession of Methamphetine, Possession of Cannabis, and Open Alcohol.


The state had a Class 3 felony charge of Possession of Methamphetine. They did not make an offer prior to the filing of a Motion to Quash Arrest and Suppress Evidence. Something was fishy about the anonymous tip and the stop.

Motion to Quash Hearing:

Several officers testified, and none of them had a straight story about who pulled over the vehicle. The Judge found that the officers were not credible, quashed the arrest, and suppressed all the evidence found by the police after the stop. The state dismissed all charges that day.

Driving Under the Influence

A charge of driving under the influence (DUI) is anything but an open-and-shut case. There are many ways to defend a DUI case successfully, and our attorneys have done so numerous times.
In some cases, we’ve found video evidence that disputes the arresting officer’s story. For example, the officer may claim that you failed the field sobriety tests, but footage of you taking the tests shows otherwise.
In other cases, we’ve gotten the breathalyzer results thrown out, leaving the prosecution without enough evidence to convict. During cross-examination, we’ve even demonstrated that an officer incorrectly administered the field sobriety tests, leaving jurors with reasonable doubt and contributing to their ultimate acquittal of our client.

“Pat Walsh took on my DUI case. He systematically and accurately put together my defense that exposed weaknesses and holes in the Prosecution’s case. He professionally and accurately presented my case, which allowed the Prosecution’s weaknesses to be exposed and fall apart. Case dismissed.” – Robert

People v. DC


DC was a defendant with multiple prior DUI offenses. He was charged and arrested for DUI and blew a 0.334, more than 4 times the legal limit. The police received a driving complaint from an anonymous caller stating that DC was stumbling to his car at a gas station. The police came across the alleged vehicle and stopped DC when he pulled into his own driveway. I reviewed the video evidence and the police report, and it did not add up. I filed a motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence, and we went to hearing.

Motion to Quash Hearing:

At the hearing, the police officer testified that he crossed paths with the vehicle and noticed that his headlights were not turned on at a time when the driver’s windshield wipers were turned on due to rain. This would be a valid basis to pull somebody over, because in Illinois, if your wipers are on, headlights are required.
After the police officer testified, I presented the video to the Court. The video evidence contradicted the officer’s testimony. The officer never crossed paths with the vehicle and, furthermore, the vehicles headlights were ON in the video. After a hearing, the judge granted my motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence based on an unlawful stop of the vehicle. DC’s 3rd DUI arrest was dismissed by the Prosecutor after the judge suppressed all the evidence including the stop.

Domestic Violence

Many domestic violence cases involve a substantial element of hearsay. One defense option is to demonstrate to the jury that there’s reasonable doubt surrounding the events of the alleged assault. Were the victim’s injuries actually from what they say? Or, is there enough evidence to show that there may have been another cause of the injuries?

It’s also possible that there was domestic violence, but that it didn’t happen as the victim alleges. In one case, we used the testimony of witnesses, including the alleged victim, to show that our client acted in self-defense.

“I was very lucky to find Dan Nold to defend me as I had [a] quite confusing criminal case on domestic battery. In spite of being young, he has great experience in handling criminal cases and getting them dismissed. He definitely has strong decision-making skills that are considered to be the main criteria for becoming [a] professional and strong lawyer. And as a person, he is very punctual, humble, kind, and supportive. He was in touch with me during all 13 months of the case duration, attended all court hearings, and fought the case.” – Umeda

People vs. DJ


If you have received multiple traffic tickets, or if you have a prior traffic conviction on your record, a traffic ticket attorney will represent you in negotiation with the prosecutor to reduce the fines and points associated with the tickets. They may also be able to get some of the tickets dismissed altogether.


The best offer the State made my client was to plead guilty to Domestic Battery and serve 90 days in the McHenry County Jail. Having immigration issues, taking the State’s offer could have resulted in immigration proceedings that could have resulted in DJ’s deportation.


With his back to the wall and facing potential deportation, the jury found that the actions taken by DJ constituted self-defense. After a 3-day jury trial in which 6 people testified, including the alleged victim and the Defendant, and after 2 hours of deliberations, the jury returned with DJ being found NOT GUILTY of all 4 counts of Domestic Battery.

Traffic Tickets

Video evidence can be extremely helpful in fighting against traffic violation charges. In one case, officers stopped our client for not using her headlights and taillights. However, we acquired video evidence showing that her lights were on, and we even revealed that the officers didn’t encounter her where they claimed they did.

Of course, other evidence can also help defend you against traffic violations. For example, the GPS in your phone can show that you weren’t even in the same town where the officers allege they pulled you over.

“I am beyond happy with the results of my son’s ticket. Mr. Walsh was exceptional in explaining the process and keeping me updated. He was a pleasure to talk to and put my mind at ease. I have already given out his name to a few of my son’s friends who also received speeding tickets. He went above and beyond, and I can’t thank him enough.” – Tammy

Orders of Protection

Orders of protection are slightly different from the other cases listed above because they’re civil matters, not criminal. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a severely negative impact on your life.
Civil cases have a lower standard of proof than criminal cases, which can work in the favor of someone wrongly served with these papers. In these cases, we seek to demonstrate that the reasoning or evidence used to justify the order of protection was flawed from the start.

“I first met Dan because my ex put an order of protection against me. He reassured [me] that we [could] get it dropped after my ex [hired] two different attorneys. Dan defeated both of them, rendering us victorious. Dan is a fantastic lawyer, and I would recommend him to anybody.” – Dwight

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