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Icy Roads Are No Excuse for Reckless Driving

Car crashes can be life-altering and financially draining events. Illinois drivers know that winter can pose additional challenges for drivers, but the weather is no excuse for reckless driving. In addition, if you were injured due to another driver’s dangerous driving, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim – regardless of the forecast. 

Negligent Driving Is Even More Dangerous In Winter Weather

Dangerous weather conditions require drivers to be attentive to the road and their vehicle’s capabilities. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to adjust their speed or maintain a safe distance behind other cars despite the inclement weather. In these cases, the other driver is still liable for the crash. Do not blame yourself – or the weather – if they injured you. 

In addition to driving slowly and maintaining a safe distance behind other cars, examples of negligent driving in winter conditions can include the following:

  • Turning quickly on slick pavement
  • Distracted or impaired driving
  • Ignoring signs or traffic signals
  • Not turning on headlights in low visibility conditions
  • Low tire pressure, brake failure, or other vehicle maintenance issues

A car accident attorney will help determine whether the above factors contributed to your crash by examining whether or not the other driver took preventative measures to avoid the collision. Additionally, someone may conduct a detailed maintenance analysis, take statements, and analyze pavement conditions during the crash. 

You Deserve Justice and Financial Compensation After A Crash

Car crashes can cause varying degrees of physical injuries. As if recovering from your injuries isn’t challenging enough, you may also face medical bills and other associated expenses due to the crash. You should not be held financially responsible for these difficulties.

It wasn’t your fault, and you deserve justice. In the aftermath of a car crash, contact an Illinois car crash attorney with experience advocating for individuals involved in inclement weather accidents.